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Creating More Relational Velcro With Your Customers

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  • Written by: Michael Barnett Customer Relationship Imprinting
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Right now, with a lack of employees, most businesses are struggling just to provide basic customer service. However, the need to build customer trust is greater now than ever before.

Consider this: “When asking consumers what impacts their level of trust with a company, offering excellent customer service ranked #1”  

Excellent customer service,” not ‘good’ customer service is the #1 reason your customers trust you or not. Customer trust increases with more meaningful interactions and is eroded when your actions are just transactional. What’s a business to do? (source below)

Get Relational Velcro!

Just like two pieces of VELCRO® that achieve a stronger bond when there’s more connecting points, you need to create Relational Velcro, which is more meaningful interactions between you and your customers. Here are a few employee training tips.

 Create Relational Velcro through C.A.R.E. from the book, ‘Customer Relationship Imprinting’

C = Consider the customer’s desire, dilemma, or disappointment

       Is there a question to answer, a problem to solve or an issue to resolve?

A = Aim to make the customer’s day

       What can be done to exceed the customer’s expectations?

R = Read the customer’s cues and body language

       Is this customer in a hurry…happy…upset…etc.?

E = Elevate the customer’s expectations

       What can be done to build customer trust and confidence?

Download an editable Customer Service C.A.R.E. sheet here!

Remember that the more meaningful your customer interactions, the more Relational Velcro you are creating. Relational Velcro = trust, and trust = customer retention and increased sales!

Source referenced above: Customer Service & Business Results (PDF)


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