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Holidays in Redlands

Let's do Christmas and the Holiday Season right. We've checked our list twice so you don't miss a thing.

Celebrate the Season

Find the best houses and neighborhoods for viewing lights. Mark your calendars for advent and nativity programs. And, learn how to get involved in caroling trips and photos with Santa.

New Year's Activities

Plan your evening and ring in the new year Redlands style. Find places and events to enjoy New Year's Eve.

Our Local Guides for the Holidays

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    Tis' the Season for Hot Chocolate

    Narein is an 11 year old Redlander who LOVES exploring our local kid-friendly food and beverage scene. Here Narein hunts down tummy warming and soul filling hot chocolate! Where will you try first??

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    Hot Holiday Event Venues in Redlands: Part 1

    It's the perfect time of year to plan your holiday festivities in Redlands. Browse our latest list of local restaurants and spaces to book your event.

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    Holiday Entertaining: Charcuterie Style

    Charcuterie Boards are a classy addition to holiday parties. Basically, they are large boards – usually wood, but could also be ceramic, or tile -- on which various cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, and other hors d’oeuvres are placed. We present some Redlands businesses that can help you make your own board or purchase food items for your board.

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    Redlands Holiday Guide (2023)

    Festive lights displays. Exciting Christmas pageants. Thrilling New Years Eve festivities. Get our complete guide to a can’t-miss holiday season in Redlands.

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    Redlands Gift Guide 2023

    We've compiled a list of six extraordinary places to help you give more than a great gift this holiday season. Find fabulous ways to provide an unforgettable experience — sourced from our local community.

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    ...poinsettias have undergone extensive testing and there is no evidence that they are toxic or unsafe to have in the house. They are also safe to put into the compost.

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    Finally, a holiday all about food!!!

    Finally, a holiday all about food!!! That and giving thanks. And I’m thankful for food! And warm blankets, green grass, belly rubs, car rides, daily walks, etc. My list is pretty long, but I’ll get to the point. I’ve put together my top tips for making the most out of Thanksgiving.

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    This is the Tween-Friendly Redlands Itinerary Everyone Will Love

    How do you satisfy everyone? Can you eat good food, experience unique venues, and still like the kids at the end of the day without breaking the bank or dissolving into bored fits of tears (that’s me, not the kids)?

    You can. Here’s how.

Our Hometown at Christmas

Find Shopping Destinations, Fun Places, and Holiday Lights.

Where to See Festive Lights

Browse our map to find local areas to see Christmas lights.